Introducing: NUDE is not one colour

When was it decided that NUDE was just one colour?

By definition, nude is a shade which resembles the colour of one's skin. So when that bland beige we all know to be 'nude' continues to be that one colour, that one term, we encounter countless times throughout the fashion industry - you realise we still have a long way to go. 

Our journey started here - in a moment of absolute disbelief and a few too many stories of improvisation when what was needed just wasn't there. Now, three years on from our journey's beginnings, we are so relieved to see a shift taking place in this space. The likes of Kim Kardashian and a small handful of other US owned brands began to really call attention to the sheer ignorance, racist bias and huge need throughout this space. Yet still, we have a long way to go.

Nude underwear continues to be a job for those in the fast fashion space - where our choices are dominated by synthetics and a lack of ethical and sustainable options. In the realm of our most basic 'nude' necessities, the underwear industry continues to be all too dismissive of its environmental responsibility, and the toxic concoction of pesticides, petroleum and heavy metals we wear against our most sensitive areas day after day.

Things need a shake up.

Because we can ask more of our underwear.

It has been this realisation that has fuelled us with an inherent purpose over the past two years as we worked to bring The Unseen to life.

The journey of our Nudes Collection certainly hasn't been an easy one. After trialling and experimenting with over 100 shades of 'Nude', sampling and then refining the options, we have created a spectrum of five 'Nude' shades that have been carefully selected to work with a diverse range of skin tones.

We're so pleased to introduce our debut Nudes collection. We started with a fiery desire to challenge the underwear industry’s skewed sense of our needs and raise the standards and so a small yet staple collection of The Base bra, The Blur thong and The Form brief have been designed to bring you comfort, pleasure and easy wearing.

We hope The Unseen brings you just that.