The Unseen / Mission


An underwear label that is inclusive, sustainable and designed for our everyday moments became our calling. And so, The Unseen is a product of our values and beliefs, and our frustrations with a subpar underwear industry that isn't measuring up. 

We're grounded in three bottom lines.

1: We are Inclusive /

The underwear industry is vastly out of touch with our diversity; a basic characteristic of our society. The point at issue: ‘nude’ underwear and the lack of skin tone diversity existing in the realm of our most basic necessities, whereby the abundance of the colour ‘nude’ excludes anyone with skin that’s anything but well, beige. So, we’re redefining ‘nude’; and breaking these confines with a diverse range of everyday underwear and undergarments in our five signature hues of ‘nude’.

2: We stick to our ethics /

At the heart of our brand is a strong conscience and respect for the environment and people. Forget synthetics; our products are made from a blend of GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo and are dyed with non-toxic eco-friendly dyes in a closed loop system. We work closely with our ethical garment manufacturer to screen our supply chain, minimise fabric wastage and ensure plastic is not used in the transportation of our garments.

3: We Give Back /

Underwear is one of the items donated least and needed most by crisis shelters across Australia and around the world. We donate 5% of profits to providing underwear for women, men and youth seeking refuge from violence, poverty or trauma in their lives.